Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reactions on COMELEC's adverse decision on Gov. Panlilio

At Facebook, Political Jaywalker asked the question: Where is the outrage on Gov. Among Ed Panlilio's ouster by the Comelec? Why are the politicians not scandalized at the ridiculous ruling that a priest is now considered a cheat, of all people the people that has the means and capability to do so? Is it because they have their own skeletons in their closet not wanting to rock the boat at the Comocollect?

Two responses:

Manny Sd Lopez: The people of Pampanga seem resigned to the prospect of basing a political jaggernaut in the person of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in their province. The old Kapangpangan saying "Ke leon o tigre ali kami tatakot keng dwende pa" is now forgotten and delegated to the dust bin of political indifference ! The acts of impunity undertaken by the Comelec and the Supreme Court apparently upon orders of Malacanang is a clear and present danger to our democracy and the country's prospect for change. Such indications should compel the opposition to close ranks and prepare for an inevitable post-election crisis struggle. The Arroyo administration seem intent on engaging in political machinations and electoral fraud, for the purposes of asserting its continuity in power.

Gabby Gabaya: f x x x comelec.


Elpidio Que posed a similar question: What can you say about Comelec's belated decision to unseat Among Ed Panlilio as Pampanga governor?

To which, he made the initial comments:
I believe this question was my catch-up suggestion last night. Well, my opinion is simple. As suspected by many people, among the top bankrollers of Gloria Arroyo’s candidacy in last presidential elections were not only the suspected yellow emperors of smuggling and tax evasion but also suspected jueteng overlord Bong, the husband of Lilia Pineda who was proclaimed by the Comelec of this said to be garcified administration for a little over two thousand votes. This proves, based on these suspicions, that Gloria knows how to pay debt of gratitude. May election is just around the corner. So, with the alleged enormous jueteng millions doled by Lilia and Bong for her continued presidential ambition, out should be Among Ed Panlilio for Lilia to experience sitting on the Pampanga throne even if only for a few months long. It is said that the Pineda couple are her most valued cabalens. They are untouchable like the said yellow emperors of smuggling and tax evasion. She and Nanay Lilia were even “flashbacked” in a broadsheet deeply praying side by side in a church apparently to show the people that they are afraid of for-bad-people thunderbolts in the arsenal of the Lord.


Maryanne Dinah Campos Versario:  it's a decision that stands......among many other decisions... done with due process...

Elpidio Que: You may be right, Maryanne. But there are some election protests filed against sitting local powers who are allies of this administration which are so visible that they are not up there if not through cheatings in last elections.It is even hush-hushed by reliable sources that some of thes some had won in the recount a few years ago but the Comelec is not as assuidious in them as in the case of Father Panlilio.

Marlene Howe: With all the talk about jueteng being illegal I just can't understand why the government can't stop its operations for good. Are the jueteng lords smarter than the whole government? Or is it lke I have suspected that all the officials involved in stopping its illegal operation are in the pocket of these said lords. They thrive in this business because the protection is from the top. As far as Comelec is concerned this is a joke! They started waving their swords and intimidate the good people trying to do good. This part of the government is useless and should be abolished.

Victoria Cordero Rudio: I always am doubtful of people who try to seem saintly by doing the catholic rites...sorry but it's just plain hypocrisy. everyone knows that jueteng is one of the biggest money makers in the phils 2nd to drugs. lets hope that the new 'anointed one' (president) doesn't have a jueteng or warlord padrino.

Victoria Cordero Rudio: as for the belated unseating...pahabol! and naghahabol pa. garapalan na!

Elpidio Que Marlene, these jueteng lords and overlord have super-over lord, so they say. Jueteng-gate turned to naught, dba? In any locality where you can see jueteng lording over for even the blind to see, the officials therein are shared with eggs of jueteng-goosse that lay many golden eggs. Evat's Recto's campaign ad, that Pandesal ad, with Vilma and their kids, are saying "Kung walang korap, walang mahirap." Jueteng rampages in Lipa City and Batangas. Like her "Run after tax evaders, smugglerss and grafters" yell, the Great pretender's yell of "Run after jueteng lords" is the same. It's also hot air.

Political Jaywalker @Maryanne, Due process? I beg to disagree, for one the decision was 11,000 pages... think of a 22 volume encyclopedia for the lawyers of Among Ed to read line by line and Ferrer says they will not give them extension to review to file their motion for reconsideration. Now we all know the decision the trio did on Governor Grace Padaca (I am not sure if it exceeds Among Ed's but it is also thousands of pages) where volunteers were needed to review the decision and they found errors, inconsistencies, pages duplicated and worse it was apparently the briefs of the lawyers for Dy. Now is that what we call due process or fraudulent process showing incompetence and fraud.... I say the time has come to demand the impeachment of the 3 stooges'.......

Aldo Manalo: not surprised...well read the writings on the wall for gov. panlilio as soon as gov. padaca's decision was made the past year.

Jose Rizal M. Reyes: COMELEC, our electoral system and the entire society should be reformed and transformed. it's demeaning to belong to a pipsqueak and corrupt country.
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