Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Buy Me a Good Senator" Movement Launched

"Buy Me a Good Senator" movement was launched by a group of ordinary citizens at the Sulo Hotel just this morning. The goal is to fund the election campaign of "honest, competent and sincere people" by buying "T"-Bills for them. According to the group headed by Gerry Gamez the "T" stands for "Trust." He described these as "documents which bind the candidate to us, the electorate, for the whole period of their term, so they will faithfully serve us, instead of the people serving them."

The group initially picked Atty. Alex “Pinoy” Lacson, author of the 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can Do To Help Our Country, and who agreed to the concept of T-Bills in the political arena, as the first candidate to be supported. The Lacson T-bills can be bought for P300, P500, or P1,000. Each buyer/contributor will be given a certificate. In addition, those who paid for P500 will be given the 12 Little Things book; for P1,000, the book and a Thank God I’m a Filipino T-shirt. Globe celfone users can buy the Lacson T-Bill by simply texting: ALEX 300/500/1000. Then send to 2899.

An appreciative Atty. Lacson declared: “In this day and age where the norm is vote-buying, here we see Gamez and his group with what little they have for their prefered candidate. This shows that people are willing to invest in good governance. They are willing to act.”

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