Thursday, February 26, 2009

Topmost Secret to a Making a Marriage Work

The secrets to making a marriage work are not a monopoly of psychologists and marriage counselors as this article shows:

Claudine to Judai: Marry him how

MANILA, Philippines—Claudine Barretto gives fellow ABS-CBN star Judy Ann Santos advice about the latter’s forthcoming wedding.

In this exclusive interview held at the launch of Claudine’s latest product endorsement (Knorr Real Sarap), she urged Judai to tie the knot with fiancĂ© Ryan Agoncillo, pronto. “What are you waiting for? A lot of people are excited, I’m one of them,” Claudine said.

Did she think Judai was ready? “They’ve been planning their wedding for a long time,” Claudine noted. “She’ll know what to do on the day. She should savor everything—the excitement, even the tension. She’ll go through different emotions, for sure.”

That, Claudine said, was precisely her experience when she wed Raymart Santiago almost three years ago. “Most of all,” she added, “it’s important to feel the presence of God, because that’s what’s going to bind you forever.”

She heeds this guideline to this day. “Raymart and I are partners,” said Claudine. “Married life takes a lot of patience and teamwork. After giving birth to Santino, I had problems adjusting. Raymart slowed down [in his career] to spend more time with us.” The trick is time management, she said. “We can both work during the week, but weekends are for the family.”

Claudine is working on a movie next month and a new TV series in July. Star Cinema is considering several scripts—including one that will reunite her with Aga Muhlach.

“I was channel surfing recently and caught my old films ‘Got 2 Believe’ and ‘Milan.’ That was when I realized how much I missed the big screen,” Claudine said.

Film with ‘rival’

There is also talk of a film with her screen “rival” Judai. “They’ve been planning that since our ‘Mula sa Puso’ and ‘Esperanza’ days, when we were teenagers,” said Claudine. “One day that will push through, I just know it.”

A movie with Raymart is also in the offing. “Star Cinema has been courting him for a long time na,” she revealed.

In the meantime, Claudine is busy with her pet advocacies: the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines and orphaned and abandoned children. She is also training as a foster parent under Directors Alice Bonoan and Thelsa Biolena of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

“Social workers inspire me,” said Claudine. “They are real-life heroes.”


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