Friday, September 08, 2006


Pursue Your Dreams
By Carol Janssen

Follow Your Dreams -- We see that a lot: on greeting cards, on jewelry, on bumper stickers. Are our dreams as illusive as they seem to be? How can we be more in control over how we make our dreams come true?

When I think of Follow Your Dreams, it feels like something passive that I do… that I will sit back and wait for my dreams to lead me somewhere, and let someone or something else do all the work. I want to be more involved with reaching my dreams. How can I do that? By being proactive, by being active, by actually doing something about them. Why not pursue my dreams instead of letting them lead me – to follow?

To follow is a passive verb and to pursue is an active verb. I want to be actively involved in the realization of my dreams. I know that I can’t be passive and wait for my dreams to happen to me. I need to be in the driver’s seat… to take control, to pay attention, to be actively in pursuit of my dreams. How do I do that?

Make a plan. Nothing happens without a plan. Even if it’s not our own plan, it’s the plan of someone else, or it’s God’s plan. I know that if I sit down and actually write down my dreams, they become goals. After all, goals are simply dreams with a time frame. And once articulated, then my dreams are much closer to becoming a reality than if I’m passive and simply wish for them to come true.

Be bold. Take action. If I’m actively involved in the culmination of my dreams, then my life will be much more exciting, more fulfilled, and a lot more fun. After all, life is not a dress rehearsal. Life is what happens when we’re making plans. All the clich├ęs and all the wishes will not come true unless I actually do something.

Don’t wait for life to happen to you. Dream big, dream often, and Pursue Your Dreams!

Carol Janssen has been a Life Coach since 2000. She is also an accomplished public speaker. Her workshops and retreats are focused on foundational life work, including spiritual growth, reconnecting with core values, living in the public eye, creating a fulfilled life, and many other topics. Carol’s training with the Coaches Training Institute has provided her with a solid basis for working co-actively with her clients and with groups. As a leader, Carol believes that many people have untapped potential, which can be liberated by working with her through obstacles that can be overcome through compassion, listening, and accountability. For more information about Carol and her coaching business, Metamorphosis Coaching, go to now.

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